Monday, April 5, 2010

MOBY celebrates one year of sobriety


Moby cites the Lower East Side as part of his past troubles, without actually calling it out. He states, "The problem is living downtown. Between my house and my recording studio, there'd be 37 bars." Some downtowners may say it sounds like a personal problem, as few in this hood can throw an empty in any direction out their front door without hitting a bar right in its' distressed metal facade. Somehow, surely, many Lower East Side residents still manage to get in bed at a reasonable hour.

Plus, isn't that sorta what the rock 'n roll lifestyle is all about?

Regardless, congrats Moby, here's to many more booze free, sleep filled nights. (Though doesn't booze actually help sleep come on more quickly at times?)

Lower East Sider Survey Qs: 

Are there too many bars in the Lower East Side? 
What time do you usually get to bed? 

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