Thursday, June 17, 2010

in the Lower East Side for $800 / month and under

These are some rooms for rent I found on Craigslist. You can thank me for doing the dirty digging for you by commenting and sharing this blog with your home slices. I will also accept pie.

THIS PLACE sounds okay, no pics, and the person sounds suspectingly like a hipster, but since 
when is that such a bad thing? Hipsters usually hang out with hot friends, have cool shoes and an endless supply of party invites and PBR. $800 / month, share, few blks south of Grand & few blocks east of Delancey. Highlights include a "big room" (that's open to interpretation) and smoking inside, if that's your thing. Also, a "down to earth" roomie (also open to interpretation). Lowlights: No couples, sounds like it could be in Alphabet City or the projects. But on the flip side, the proggies have elevators. 

I like to call this one TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. The photo looks great -- large bed (bring your black light to search for bugs, semen), desk AND A CHAIR - hello, mirror, this place looks like the kind of joint where Johnny Rotten killed Nancy Spungen. $450 a month, run don't walk. If you rent this place PLEASE send us a follow up. Was it real or did you find yourself in a car trunk and escape using only your wits and charm? 

ROOM #3 sounds reasonable, too. It's priced at $800 / month, high enough to keep out the rif-raf, but low enough to afford sans a trust fund. Pros: It's in Little Italy, a neighborhood which boasts Umbertos, La Mela, Spring Lounge, Rice To Riches, Wild Ginger (the list goes on and on) and finds itself sandwiched between Soho and the Lower East Side. There are decorative Christmas style lights that hover over the streets year round. Furnished. Cons: It could be a con. It appears to be a walk up. It appears to be short-term. There is little personal information about your would be roomie. Furnished. 

Happy house hunting and lotsa luck!

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